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Check out this website for great info on mindsets, goal setting, and motivation!

Click on link below to find some great resources for introducing your students to different parts of the world!  Great ideas and resources at the website below.  Click on it and check it out!!
Global Learning and understanding global impact begins here!!


Resources for Parents and Teachers

New Website Resources


Krazy Dad Webpage: Logic puzzles that can be used in multiple grades including Kindergarten!


Mars Challenge: Create a school from scratch on Mars.  STEM challenge.  Free lesson plans.

 Picture Genius Hour: A plethora of ideas for using Genius Hour in your classroom.
 Picture GT Education University of Iowa listserv Considered by many to be an excellent resource:

Great Resources for studies about the Brain!

Picture Lessons, research, brain specimens, lots more!
Picture  Brain hat – in various languages.  Includes a  139 page book about the brain for e-download.  $15!
Picture YouTube: lots of good videos about the brain for younger kids…
Picture  More info on brain for younger kids…
Picture Neuroscience for Kids
Picture Great article for teachers on relating the parts of the brain to parts of your hand…
Picture Science articles geared so kids can understand….this section is on neuroscience.  But there are other sections.

General Interest

 Picture Hoagies' Gifted Education Page
 Picture National Association for Gifted Childre(NAGC)

 Picture Kidsource Online--Resources for Parents and Students
 Picture Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted    
   "Is My Child Gifted?"
Picture  My Little Poppies--40 Websites to Bookmark if Your Child is Gifted
 Picture The Family Dinner Project

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